Programs Offered by Defense Science

We teach a variety of skill sets at 3 levels: Students can choose the modules they are most interested in, and/or mix several courses together.

We accept women in all classes. The problem with teaching only all-women classes is that women don’t usually attack women – men do.  Men are bigger, stronger and a real threat. Women need to train in a class against men for building a realistic skill set.

Defense Science Training Modules
For seminars and private instruction we offer our courses in modules in 3-levels.  For classes we teach a curriculum as requested by students.

Defense Science Basic Modules

Defense Science Awareness Program
This includes, environmental and situational awareness, recognizing pre-indicators of a potential attack, handling the interview, safe distance, mirroring, de-escalation, verbal and physical boundaries, preemptive strikes and more.

Defense Science Street Defense Program
(Beginners and Advanced)
You don’t need to be a fighter to defend yourself from an impending attack.  You just need to know how to respond, counter and win.  In the early days of jujitsu/judo, solutions for certain types of attacks were called tricks.

For example, for a rear bear-hug attack there would be a specific trick or hack that deals with it, for a side headlock there would be another trick and so on. Our basic program covers about 15 types of common attacks; with and without weapons.

Defense Science Edged Weapons Program
We offer several knife programs, they include: knife on body, unarmed against the knife, knife defense from a distance, using the knife as an offensive weapon, defending from unusual edged weapons.

Defense Science Gun Defense Program
There’s not much you can do if someone shoots at you from a distance however if the attacker is within arms length, you certainly have a good chance of disarming him if you have the training.  We offer a firearms disarming course for both handguns and long guns.

Defense Science Improvised Weapons Course
This includes defense from improvised weapons such as hammers, axes, screwdrivers, broken bottles as well as learning how to use improvised weapons for defense.

Defense Science Ground Escape Course
Ground fighting on the street is far different than in the gym.  There are so many variables on the street from multiple attackers to weapons being employed.  For street defense our priority is getting back up to the standing clinch.

Defense Science Anti-Abduction Course
There is no reliable way to determine exactly how many people are abducted each year.  At any given moment there are approximately 90K missing people in the United States. More than 50K are adults, the remainder are children under the age of 18.

According to the FBI there were more than 466K children went missing in 2015; and many abductions were from family members.  This course teaches safety measures that anyone can implement to increase the odds of staying secure in their favor.

Defense Science Kids Safety Courses
Many kids defense courses are overly concerned with scaring kids, however kids these days are far more knowledgeable about the world then you would expect. We teach several courses for kids and teens both online and in person, they include: physical self-defense skills, dealing with bullying, sexual abuse, abductions, dating violence and more.

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