Quest Allstrike Review

I always preferred human shaped striking dummies and pads – you never get the same feeling of hitting a person on a bag or pad.  The Allstrike simulates a human head, and it’s well articulated so that you can easily aim for the eyes, ears chin etc. instead of imagining it.

I tested the Allstrike with students and everyone was pleasantly surprised with the weight and durability. You can easily hit it with your elbows, fist and even jab at it with your fingers and not get hurt.

The head is large and comfortable to hold, the handle which is recessed inside the head, is canted forward alleviating any stress to the holder even with heavy blows.

I found it to be a better solution to the Bob for several reasons. 1. Bob takes up a lot of space, 2. The material on the bob is not as comfortable with hands and fingers, 3. The Bob is three times the cost of the Allstrike or more.

The true test of the Allstrike is testing it with kids and I found that kids were extremely enthusiastic about utilizing it as a training too.  I also wanted to see if this would fit into a kids self-defense training program and was pleasantly surprised.


I tested the head on 9 kids and they all enjoyed hitting it, they actually couldn’t wait to punch and kick it.

The rubbery feel is comfortable for any strikes, even strikes with fingers, but still not too soft, you can hit it hard without any damage to your fingers and hand.  Even kids can hit it hard and not hurt themselves.

Quest Allstrike
Pros: Now you can strategically strike the eyes, nose, ears and chin without hurting yourself, children can easily use it and they are excited about using it.

The head is just the right density, you won’t hurt your hands or fingers on it and you don’t need gloves, that makes it all the more realistic.

Cons: None

Price $99.

You can purchase the Allstrike here.

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