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Defense Science
Saturday Oct. 15th Reality-Based Seminar covering unarmed and knife defense in Moncton New Brunswick, Canada:
Contact: Sam Johnston or call him at: 506 380 9657

James Keating – Master at Arms
James Keating – Master at Arms

OCTOBER 8th and 9th 2016
Comtech Bowie Knife – THE MASTER PLAYS / $250.00
The Fighting strategies of the Bowie man’s way

NOVEMBER 11,12,13 2016
Comtech Special Training Series ROS FORMAT $250.00
Riddle of Steel Format Training

Call for details: 541-938-3451
Ask about his classes on Skype

About Defense Science Classes and Seminars

Defense Science teaches international seminars including: Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Our headquarters are in New York City and we hold local classes and private sessions.

For more information and to make an appointment please call us at: 212 255 1040 and leave a message or, email us at:

Defense Science recommends individuals / organizations we feel are of great value to everyone. Our referral list includes people we know, have trained with and approve.

Defense Science Referral List

Don Gold / Specialty – Shooting
Don Gold invited Defense Science to South Africa to present reality-based seminars. Don has trained in defensive tactics for 40 years with 25 years in police service. A founding member of the SA Police Special Task Force and their first handgun & unarmed defensive tactics instructor. Don teaches confrontation avoidance techniques including: Verbal Judo, conflict avoidance, resolution management and Flashpoint! He has coached many SA practical shooters, including 1998 USA IPSC Champion Clint Rafferty.

Ray Floro / Specialty -Edged Weapons / Filipino Martial Arts
A major part of the Defense Science edged weapons course is Ray’s Floro Fighting Systems (FFS). Ray, an expert in western fencing and the Illustrisimo style (a Filipino style) developed his program by melding the two styles and creating the most efficient, compact and effective edged weapons style for the street. In terms of knife sparring is he unbeatable.

Sam Johnston / Specialty – Reality-Based Defense
*Defense Science Instructor / Reality Defense Training
Sam is the official representative of Defense Science
in Eastern Canada. He also teaches BJJ and Kickboxing
in: Moncton and Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada
Contact him at:

Mehdi Pouroskoui
Muay Thai – Boxing Coach / Specialty – MuayThai – Boxing
Among many championship titles, Mehdi has fought and won titles in Thailand by knockout in Lumpini and Radjadamnern
Stadiums. He is also a pro-boxer, rated 5th in Canada. Mehdi runs his school in North Vancouver and also travels to teach seminars. He teaches MuayThai for the street for the Defense Science curriculum.

Robert Mustard / Specialty – Aikido, Iaido
8th Dan Yonshinkan Aikido and Iaido Instructor. I have heard about Robert Mustard and his high-level skills for years and finally got to meet him a few years ago. Mr. Mustard is a product of Yoshinkan training, and a direct student of Shioda. Yoshinkan is arguably the toughest aikido style. This is not your touchy-feely aikido, it’s the real deal, the Tokyo police goes through this training. Mr. Mustard runs his school in Burnaby, BC (near Vancouver). He also teaches international seminars.

James Keating – Master at Arms / Specialty – All Weapons
James Keating has the most impressive and comprehensive martial arts knowledge as well as actionable skills across the board that include Eastern and Western styles. He is generous and shares his expertise freely and has been a positive mentoring influence for Defense Science. He is an adept with edged weapons, firearms, empty hand and improvised weapons. He presents seminars and private sessions and his “Riddle of Steel” is a world famous event. We recommend anyone interested in improving their martial skills regardless of style to make the pilgrimage. He is located in Milton Freewater, Oregon. Call: 541-938-3451

Bill Kipp / Specialty – Adrenaline Stress Training
I met Bill Kipp a number of years ago in Colorado Springs during an adrenaline stress training session. He presented a great adrenaline stress program over several days. Bill is considered one of the world’s best stress response training experts. This former Marine Recon Team Leader has trained instructors worldwide in his FAST Defense adrenaline training. He will be bringing this technology to the firearms world through RGUUS (Responsible Gun Use Under Stress training). This training has been called the Missing Link in modern day firearm training. Call: 720 256 3898

Renzo Gracie
BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai
This multi-floor NYC based location is one of the best BJJ, MMA training facilities anywhere; led by a legend, Renzo Gracie. They have a branch in Brooklyn and one in NJ as well as many affiliated branches worldwide. The Manhattan and Brooklyn locations also teach muay thai. With a huge number of students to roll with you have many chances to improve your skills with a wide variety of partners. However the best thing about the Manhattan location is that John Danaher teaches classes here. For those who are not familiar with him, he is a legend in BJJ / MMA circles as one of the best and most knowledgeable coaches / trainers in the business.

Kelly McCann / Specialty – Shooting, Combatives + More
Inasmuch as Mr. McCann teaches combatives, I have found that he was actually one of the unspoken pioneers of the Reality-Defense movement before the name was coined. His classes were way ahead of the times. He covers subject matter that other combatives groups don’t even know about. His firearms courses are excellent, contact him to increase your skills

Jim Wagner / Specialty – Reality Based Training
Inasmuch as there were a handful of individuals teaching various aspects of Reality-Based Training (RBT) in the 1990’s, they weren’t as complete and extensive as Jim Wagner’s course offerings. He was the first person to offer scenario based training to the general public and introduced the use of props, e.g. fake body parts, fake blood, obstructions, air-soft drills etc. Jim also pioneered the pre-conflict and post conflict concepts that many of us use today. Jim Wagner offers a large suite of courses, for students and instructors, these include:
Ground survival, defensive tactics, terrorism survival, control and defense, handgun survival, improvised weapons, crime survival, knife defense. Contract him at:
Mailing address is: Jim Wagner Reality Based Personal Protection
P.O. Box 15133 CA 92623-5133

Garage Gym Miami / Specialty – Weight Training, Defense
Jorge Angulo, owner of the Garage Gym is a former law enforcement officer with over 20 years on the job. He was also a soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan. His martial arts background includes: judo, kickboxing, BJJ and aikido. Jorge has been teaching Steven Seagal’s style of aikido for 20 years. Besides running the gym he offers courses in reality defense, knife defense, active shooter scenarios, and offers home security surveys. Jorge teaches the Defense Science knife curriculum

Spartan Performance & Crossfit Suffolk / Specialty Weights
Spartan Performance – CrossFit Suffolk was the first CrossFit affiliate in Suffolk NY, est. in 2008. The owners are retired NYPD detectives who have worked in various assignments. These include Narcotics, Vice, FBI/NYPD Joint Organized Crime Task Force and the FBI/NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force. George has been a student of kenpo and various Chinese martial arts, he is currently BJJ purple belt under Renzo Gracie black belt, Joe D’Arce.

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